Son of Palestinian PM shot

He was not seriously wounded, officials said.

Hamas followers of Haniyeh exchanged fire with rival Fatah forces several times during the day, and the gunfire continued as Haniyeh’s convoy passed through the checkpoint from Egypt after a long wait.

Israel had tried to prevent the Palestinian Prime Minister from entering the area after a money raising tour of Arab states, Palestinian and European sources said.

“Prime Minister Ismail Haniya has passed. European observers were present but left immedately after he crossed,” Maria Telleria, a spokeswoman for the observers, told AFP.

A Palestinian official confirmed that Haniya crossed into Gaza following an eight-hour wait during which Israel closed the crossing.

Dozens of Hamas gunmen left the Rafah crossing between Egypt and Gaza after they were ordered to allow Haniya to return.

The gunmen left after Hamas leaders called for them to do so through

Only forces of the presidential security guard, who are in charge of guarding the terminal building, remained inside.

But European Union observers — who have to be present in order for anyone to pass through the border crossing — had not yet returned.

It was unclear whether they would do so shortly.

The monitors fled the terminal after dozens of Hamas gunmen stormed the building following reports that Israel had closed the border crossing to prevent Haniya from returning with millions of dollars in cash.

The militants later went on a rampage inside, smashing windows and furniture, and firing automatic weapons into the air and at the building itself.

At least 13 Palestinians were wounded, medics said.

Haniya was expected to cross back into Gaza after a deal struck between Egypt and Israel, under which he was to leave behind the money, to be deposited into a bank account and then transferred to the Palestinian Authority, an Egyptian security source said.

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