Thai club to appeal Bodin’s two-year ban

Granular, who had earlier suspended Bodin without pay until the end of the year, said the two-year ban was too harsh and they would seek to get it reduced to a year or even six months.


“I understand that BAT would like to set a standard but a two-year ban is too severe,” Granular president Jane Piyatat was quoted as saying by The Nation newspaper on Monday.

“After the BWF announces its decision, we will file a petition. “

Jane, who was also banned from accompanying the team to domestic and international events for six months for Bodin’s indiscipline, said the player was depressed after the verdict and the club would send him abroad to train and keep fit during the suspension.

The BWF, which is expected to announce their verdict this week, has charged both players with inappropriate conduct, oral abuse and unsportsmanlike conduct. Bodin was also charged with physical abuse and conduct contrary to the integrity of the game.

The duo teamed up for Thailand at the London Olympics and were competing on opposite sides for the first time since their split and tensions blew up during the men’s doubles contest in Canada earlier this month.

Trouble broke out between the two Thais after Maneepong and his partner Nipitphon Puangpuapech bagged the first game. At the change of ends Maneepong hit Bodin with his racquet following a heated verbal exchange.

Bodin retaliated by chasing Maneepong to a neighbouring court, tackling him to the ground and punching him several times, for which he was disqualified.

Maneepong accepted the punishment from BAT but was disappointed that he would miss major events such as the World Championship in Guangzhou, the China Masters and the Japan Open, the report said.

“I think I will go back to my hometown in Phuket to recover from my injuries and regroup mentally,” Maneepong said.

(Reporting by Sudipto Ganguly in Mumbai; editing by Patrick Johnston)

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